Palliative care services in Australia is an online web report on the activity and characteristics of palliative care services across Australia. Data is presented under specific topic areas with detailed data available for current and previous years in the attached Microsoft ® Excel workbooks. This palliative care report is updated with new data twice a year.

Report contents

Latest update - October 2021

Image showing 2 key points in palliative care workforce for 2019.  292 palliative medicine physicians and 3,658 palliative care nurses

Image stating from palliative care outcomes  data 93% of patients had their episode commence by the day after they were ready for care.

More sections of Palliative care services in Australia

Image about MBS expenditure on subsidised specialist services with a line graph showing $5.2 million was spent in 2013-14 and  $7.1 million in 2019-20

Image with text saying 1 in 77 aged care residents had and ACFI appraisal indicating the need for palliative care.

Image showing there were 83,430 palliative care hospitalisation in 2018-19, 47,845 were palliative care and 35,585  were for other end of life care.

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