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Indigenous Mental Health & Suicide Prevention Clearinghouse

Information about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s wellbeing, mental health and suicide prevention.

National survey about alcohol, tobacco and illicit drugs currently in the field

In mid-2022, the AIHW will manage the fieldwork for its National Drug Strategy Household Survey (NDSHS).

The survey is a national household survey of randomly selected persons aged 14 years and over living in residential dwellings. The fieldwork is being conducted by Roy Morgan. The survey started in 1985 and is held every 3 years. The 2022 survey is the 14th in the series.

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Phase one refresh of the AIHW’s METEOR platform burns brightly

After much hard work, the AIHW has completed the first phase of re-development on our METEOR platform. The new METEOR platform redevelopment provides significant usability improvements whilst maintaining the well-deserved reputation as the gold standard of metadata infrastructure.

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