To contact the AIHW's media team:

Email [email protected]

Phone +61 407 915 851 (calls divert to media team)

Access to embargoed AIHW material

Access to embargoed AIHW material is reserved for journalists belonging to mainstream media organisations. In some cases embargoed access is given to select stakeholders. 

Media releases, publications and other products of interest to media for authoritative reporting are provided to media two days before public release. 

In some circumstances, the embargo period may be reduced to 24-hours.

Journalists wanting to be added to the AIHW's pre-release distribution list, should email [email protected]

Embargo terms and conditions 

The AIHW embargo policy prohibits any broadcast, publication or transmission about any AIHW report/data before the stated release time. 

The AIHW embargo policy also prohibits sharing embargoed AIHW material to any outside party before the stated release time.