These AIHW resources are the latest data and information available covering a wide range of topic areas. Descriptions give more insight about each resource, with a link to the main report and date of release.

Use the filter by topic menu to target key topic areas and then sort by resource type including:

  • booklets (key highlights up to 50 pages)
  • data visualisations (an interactive experience with selectes various measures)
  • fact sheets (1–2 pages including quick facts, definitions and simple graphs)
  • in focus reports (1–8 page expanded summary on a topic)
  • infographics (the data story represented by pictures, simple charts and graphs)
  • presentations (PowerPoint slides)
  • videos (short explanatory videos and animations).

For teachers and students, the following selected topics support some key curriculum areas:

  • Australia's health
  • Australia's welfare
  • burden of disease
  • chronic disease
  • social determinants
  • risk factors
    • behavioural factors - alcohol, nutrition, illicit drug use, physical activity, smoking, weight etc
    • biomedical factors - high blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugar levels etc)
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