About Validata

Data is AIHW’s core business. We rely on data that is secure, timely and accurate.

Validata™ is the tool AIHW uses to ensure receipt and storage of data that meets appropriate data quality standards. It was originally developed in 2011 but has recently been updated to a modern platform with enhanced features, capability and processing capacity. It maintains its core function as a powerful and secure data receipt and validation tool that can be configured for any kind of data.

The end result is better quality data, which means better quality analysis and reporting.

How it works

Data files are uploaded by the data owner, checked against pre-defined rules and a report of errors is made available to the supplier, usually in a matter of seconds.

This can be repeated as many times as necessary for the data owner to be satisfied with the quality of their data.

The data owner may then submit the correct file to AIHW to use in analysis or publication.

Future development

The AIHW has a roadmap in place for managing improvements and changes to Validata™ to meet future development goals. Initial goals include connecting directly to client databases so we can automate upload, validation and submission of data directly. This would remove user based errors and increase efficiency of data provisioning and receipt.

In addition to planned development, we are always open to your suggestions and feedback. If you have a particular feature or functionality you would like implemented, we are keen to hear from you. Your feedback and suggestions will drive both short and long term development to improve the user experience and capability of the application. 

Contact us

In addition to being the corporate product for data ingestion into AIHW, we can provide Validata™ on a software-as-a-service basis for any organisation wanting to be able to securely and efficiently upload data for validation and receipt. We can facilitate the set-up of target databases for you, either on premise or in the cloud, as well as helping you develop the rules and validation conditions that best suit your data needs.

For more information about Validata™, contact the AIHW Service and Support team:

Email   [email protected]