About Validata™

Data is AIHW’s core business. We rely on data that is secure, timely and accurate.

Validata™ is an in-house developed tool that the AIHW uses to ensure receipt and storage of data that meets appropriate data quality standards. The result is better quality data, which means better quality analysis and reporting.

How it works

Data files are uploaded by the data supplier, checked against pre-defined rules and a report of errors is made available to the supplier, usually in a matter of seconds.

This can be repeated as many times as necessary until the data passes the quality acceptance criteria set for the collection.

The data owner may then submit the correct file to AIHW to use in analysis or publication.

Data security

To ensure that data is safe, Validata™ complies with both the Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF) and Information Security Manual (ISM) to achieve this information security outcome.

Validata™ has many measures in place to ensure the security of the data submitted to the AIHW. AIHW is legally mandated to protect both the privacy and the security of the data it holds. For more information, refer to the AIHW Privacy policy.

Users of Validata™ are carefully monitored. Users have a unique user ID, unique email address, and must maintain a personal password. They can only access information about the organisations for which they have been authorised to do so as assigned by their organisation’s manager (‘User Admin’). Users cannot access the data of other organisations.

The databases associated with this project are maintained in a secured partition on the AIHW’s server infrastructure. Only authorised AIHW staff have access to the databases using unique usernames and passwords. All access to the databases is monitored and logged by AIHW ICT staff.

All AIHW IT infrastructure associated with this project is maintained in a secure ICT environment which meets or exceeds the AIHW defined IT Security Protocols.

This includes:

  • use of an Australian Government approved secure gateway provider;
  • a dedicated physical environment providing isolation of the systems;
  • controlled physical access to these systems via passcode and passcard for authorised AIHW staff only;
  • automated monitoring of system access and performance;
  • automated monitoring and logging of intrusion attempts.

All Validata™ users (i.e. AIHW, state/territory government staff and agency staff) have a unique username and password identifying the type and level of access to the systems. All access to the system is logged and monitored. Each data submission is also logged and stored. Data backups are maintained and stored offsite using approved Australian Government data storage providers.

User feedback on Validata™

In addition to planned further development of Validata™, we are always open to the suggestions and feedback of users. If you have a particular feature or functionality you would like implemented, we are keen to hear from you. Your feedback and suggestions will contribute to both short and long term development to improve the user experience and capability of the application.

Contact us

For more information about Validata™, contact the AIHW Service and Support team:

Email [email protected]