May–July 2019

This list contains the AIHW's planned releases for the coming months.

Please note: all release dates are subject to change.

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Public release date Publication title
22 May Palliative care services in Australia - Tranche 1, 2019
23 May Admitted patient care 2017-18
23 May National hospital morbidity data cubes 2017-18
28 May Disability services 2017-18
30 May The health of Australia's prisoners
03 June National bowel cancer screening program monitoring report 2019
05 June Family, domestic and sexual violence in Australia 2019
07 June Australia's health expenditure: an international comparison 2016
11 June Children living in households with members of the Stolen Generation
12 June GEN Aged Care Data: topic updates for 'Admissions into aged care' and 'People leaving aged care'
13 June Australian Burden of Disease Study 2015
13 June Disease expenditure in Australia
14 June Acute rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease 2016-17
17 June Resources for supporting pyschosocial health in pregnancy (update)
18 June Cardiovascular disease in women 2018: in focus
19 June Hospitalised injury and socioeconomic influence in Australia 2015-16
24 June Regional variation in uptake of Indigenous health checks and in preventable hospitalisations and deaths
24 June Indigenous health check data tool
24 June Improving Indigenous identification in mortality estimates
26 June Hospital resources 2017-18: Australian hospital statistics
26 June Non-admitted patient care 2017-18: Australian hospital statistics
26 June Hospitals at a glance
27 June Australia's mothers and babies 2017
28 June National Framework for the Protecton of Australia's Children (NFPAC)
01 July Child protection Australia 2017-18 (second release)
02 July Tracking progress against the Implementation Plan goals for the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Health Plan 2013-2023
04 July Stillbirth and neonatal death in Australia 2015-16
05 July Coordination of health care: information transfer between providers 2016
08 July National Key Performance Indicators for Indigenous primary healthcare
08 July Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health organisations: online services report 2017-18
10 July Use of emergency departments for lower urgency care
11 July National cancer screening programs participation data
15 July Radiotherapy in Australia
16 July Mental health services in Australia - Tranche 3, 2019
17 July Deaths in Australia
17 July General Record of Incidence of Mortality (GRIM) books
17 July Mortality Over Regions and Time (MORT) books
18 July Housing assistance in Australia 2019
18 July National Social Housing Survey 2018 (second release)
19 July Risk factor web pages: High blood pressure, Overweight and obesity, Physical inactivity, Poor diet
22 July Cardiovascular disease in women 2018 (main report)
24 July Younger people's pathways to residential aged care
25 July Alcohol and other drug treatment services in Australia 2017-18: annual report
25 July Tobacco, alcohol and other drug use in Australia (update)
29 July Australian Health Performance Framework: first release
30 July Insights into vulnerabilities of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 50 and over: main report

 Other reports in production

July 2019
July 2019 The burden of vaccine-preventable diseases in Australia 2015
August 2019
August 2019 Regional differences in antenatal care
August 2019 Life expectancy and potentially avoidable deaths 2015-2017
August 2019 Chronic conditions updates: Heart, stroke & vascular diseases; Diabetes; Chronic kidney disease; Arthritis; Back Pain; Eye Health; Asthma; Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
August 2019 Indigenous eye health measures 2018
August 2019 Australia's welfare 2019
August 2019 Northern Territory Outreach Hearing Health Program 2018
August 2019 Dementia treatment and management in Australia: Hospital care for dementia 2016-17
August 2019 Dementia treatment and management in Australia: Medication management of Alzheimer Disease 2016-17
August 2019 Relative stay index 2013-14 to 2017-18
August 2019 MyHospitals: Relative stay index 2013-14 to 2017-18
August 2019 A discussion of female genital mutilation/cutting data in Australia
August 2019 Young people returning to setenced youth justice supervision
August 2019 Mesothelioma in Australia 2018
August 2019 Endometriosis in Australia: prevalence and hospitalisations
August 2019 Asthma monitoring based on current indicators