November 2021 – January 2022

This list contains the AIHW's planned releases for the coming months.

Please note: all release dates are subject to change.

Public release date Publication title
December 2021
01 December Cancer in Australia 2021
03 December National Cervical Screening Program monitoring report 2021
03 December Adoptions Australia 2020–21
07 December Cancer screening programs: quarterly data
07 December Specialist homelessness services annual report 2020-21
07 December Specialist Homelessness Services Collection data cubes 2011–12 to 2020–21
08 December Life and work experiences of Australians with chronic conditions
08 December Mental health - (COVID update)
08 December Suicide & Self-harm monitoring – Ambulance attendances and Suicide in the context of COVID
09 December Health service use for patients with traumatic brain injury, 2013–15
09 December Injury in Australia
09 December Suicide & Self-harm monitoring – Data from suicide registers, Youth consultation report & A scoping review of analytic methods used within the peer reviewed literature (no embargo)
10 December Safety of children in care 2020–21
13 December Website: Regional Insights for Indigenous Communities
13 December Tracking progress against the Implementation Plan goals for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Plan 2013–2023
14 December Youth detention population in Australia 2021
14 December Emergency department care
15 December Alcohol, tobacco and other drugs in Australia
15 December GEN: Residential Aged Care Quality Indicators Annual Report 2020–21
15 December Preliminary data from the National Perinatal Data Collection
16 December Examination of hospital stays due to family and domestic violence
16 December Family, domestic and sexual violence data in Australia
16 December Family, domestic and sexual violence service responses in the time of COVID-19

Other reports in production

Public release date Publication title
January 2022  
January Elective surgery waiting times

GEN: Younger people in Residential Aged care