The Australian Government's Open Data Agenda takes advantage of the insights gained from public data for research and evidence based program design, to better integrate data sharing between the different tiers of government.

For example, the AIHW is leading the development of a National Disability Data Asset to better link and share data to measure and drive better outcomes for people with disability. Five jurisdictions, the Commonwealth, NSW, South Australia, Victoria and Queensland are active partners.

Open Government data is the central source of Australian open government data. It provides an easy way to find, access and reuse public datasets from the Australian Government. Anyone can access the anonymised public data published by federal, state and local government agencies.

Social security payment data

Datasets relating to social security payments, as paid by the Department of Human Services through Centrelink, include:

  • Federal electorate level data (pre-March 2014). Social Security Payment Statistics by Federal electorate boundaries, before March 2014.
  • Federal electorate level data (post-March 2014). Social Security Payment Statistics by Federal electorate boundaries, post March 2014.
  • Customer population data Published statistical information includes customer population data for key payments, with a pre-defined drill-down available for relevant demographic characteristics (for example, gender, age) and geographic characteristics (for example, national, state and territory).

Health data

Data access and release policy (health data)

Consistent with the whole-of-government approach to making government information publicly available, the Department of Health's Data Access and Release Policy encourages the release of data to support research, consumer information and policy decisions, while meeting its legal and contractual obligations to respect privacy, recognise intellectual property and manage risks.

Australian Bureau of Statistics data

The statistics section of the Australian Bureau of Statistics website gives you access to the full range of its statistical and reference information. You can browse data by topics such as:

State and territory data

Your state or territory health department may also have data for public use. Check their websites:

Legislation and agreements governing release of data

The decision to release data is governed by legislation and contractual agreements between Australian Government departments and agencies.

Examples of relevant legislation include:

The Department of Human Services, Department of Health, Department of Social Services, Australian Bureau of Statistics, and the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare collaborate to support the research community in providing information that can assist with better health and welfare research outcomes.