What do Australia’s health indicators show?

Indicators are simple statistics that summarise often complex issues. Australia’s health 2018 includes 41 indicators based on the Australian Health Performance Framework, reported across three domains (health status, determinants of health and the health system).

Trend assessment for selected indicators of Australia’s health
Health status
 Incidence of heart attacks
 Incidence of end-stage kidney disease
 Hospitalisation for injury and poisoning 
 Severe or profound core activity limitation
Incidence of selected cancers:
 Lung cancer
 Bowel cancer
Life expectancy:
Determinants of health
 Adults who are daily smokers
 Adults at risk of long-term harm from alcohol
 People who are overweight and obese
 Educational attainment
Health system
Immunisation rates (children):
 1 year
 2 years
 5 years


 Potentially preventable hospitalisations
 Potentially avoidable deaths
 Waiting time for elective surgery
 Waiting time for emergency department care

 Favourable 10-year trend
 Unfavourable 10-year trend
 No change over 10 years

For more information on each indicator and to view detailed data see the online data visualisation tool.

Find out more: Chapter 1.4 ‘Indicators of Australia’s health’ in Australia’s health 2018.