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National Primary Health Care Data Asset—consumer engagement

The AIHW is developing a National Primary Health Care Data Asset. The purpose of this Data Asset is to gain a better understanding of the patient’s journey and experiences within the primary health care system. This includes their reason for an encounter with a clinician, diagnosis, treatment and outcomes.

A key focus for the AIHW in developing the Data Asset is our ongoing commitment to community engagement. To this end, the AIHW recently partnered with the Consumers Health Forum of Australia (CHF) to raise consumer awareness, understanding and confidence in developing a Data Asset through community consultation.

To better understand the community interests CHF CEO, Ms Leanne Wells, chaired two webinars—one in October and another in November.

The webinars focussed on issues of privacy, security, patient consent and overall benefits of the Data Asset. The live video recordings are available via the CHF YouTube page.
Webinar 1: Our Data Our Health webinar 30 October 
Webinar 2: Our Data Our Health webinar 11 November  

For more information on development of the Data Asset, please visit the information on our website located here: Primary health care data development or email [email protected] 

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