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Australian Centre for Monitoring Population Health Hub releases

The Australian Centre for Monitoring Population Health (the Centre) provides a comprehensive resource on the health of people in Australia. Delivering meaningful information and statistics, the Centre works to improve the evidence base supporting planning for health policy and services.

Why is monitoring important?

Monitoring is the process of keeping a regular and close watch over important aspects of the health of the population through various measurements and then regularly reporting on the situation. This enables the health system and society more generally to plan and respond accordingly.

Following individuals from the diagnosis of a health condition, through interactions with the health system, to recovery, further illness, or death, improves our ability to analyse the:


  • development and trajectory of disease
  • interaction of determinants and interventions
  • role and performance of the health system in managing, treating and preventing disease.

What new data has been released today?

Today’s release includes an update with the latest 2020–21 hospitals data (from the National Hospital Morbidity Database) for selected chronic conditions and includes the following reports:

We will be continuing to update these web reports as new data becomes available.

Users can explore the navigational hub here

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