Admitted patients

Admitted patients are people who undergo a formal admission process in a public or private hospital to receive treatment and/or care. The types of care provided include surgical care, medical care, intensive care, newborn care, rehabilitation care, palliative care, and mental health care.

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Admitted patients

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There were 11.6 million hospitalisations in 2021–22, 2.1% lower than 2020–21.

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One in eight hospitalisations were for Females, aged 25 to 44, in 2021–22.

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There were 7.3 million same-day hospitalisations in public and private hospitals in 2021–22. There was a 2.0% decrease since 2020–21.


There were 12.1 million hospitalisations for admitted patients in 2022–23 a rate of 415 hospitalisations per 1,000 population.

In 2022–23:

  • 670 public hospitals provided admitted patient care services
  • there were 12.1 million hospitalisations – a rate of 415 hospitalisations per 1,000 population
  • there were 33.2 million days of patient care
  • the average length of stay was 2.7 days
  • 91% of hospitalisations were classified as episodes of Acute care
  • nearly 1 in 4 (23%, 1.7 million) of same-day acute hospitalisations in all hospitals were for Care involving dialysis
  • people aged 65 and over accounted for 44% of hospitalisations and 51% of patient days.

Between January 2020 and June 2023, there were over 454,000 hospitalisations involving a COVID-19 diagnosis – 183,000 in 2022–23.

Changes over time

Over the last 10 years to 2022–23:

  • the number of hospitalisations increased from 9.7 million to 12.1 million
  • the rate of hospitalisation increased from 395 per 1,000 population to 415 per 1,000 population
  • the number of patient days increased from 27.9 million patient days to 33.2 million patient days
  • the average length of stay decreased from 2.9 days to 2.7 days.

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