• At 30 June 1993 there were 12,132 children  under care and protection  orders, of which 8,824 (73%) were under  guardianship orders, and 3,308 (27%) were under  other orders for care and protection.
  • There were more boys (6,191) than girls (5,939) under care and protection  orders in Australia, and this was the case in all States and Territories  except Western Australia, the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory.
  • Of the 12,132 children  under  care and protection  orders, 11,983 were aged 0-17  years. This represents a rate of 2.6 per 1,000 children  aged 0-17 years for Australia. Tasmania (5.5) had the highest  rate and Western Australia  (1.4), the Australian Capital Territory (1.7) and the Northern Territory  (1.7) the lowest.
  • The majority of children  under care and protection orders were placed in foster care (6,156 or 51%) or were living with parents  or relatives (3,499 or 29%). Of those under guardianship orders most were in foster care (61%), while most children under non­ guardianship orders were living with parents or relatives (63%).
  • The number  of children under care and protection orders has fallen by 4% since 30 June 1991. Over this period the largest changes have been in Victoria (down 23% or 869 orders), the Australian Capital Territory  (up 106% or 71 orders), and Tasmania  (up 19% or 115 orders).