Data visualisations are available for the 19 Children's Headline Indicators that currently have suitable data.

Children's Headline Indicators by domain
Health Early learning and care Family and community
1. Smoking during pregnancy updated 9. Early childhood educationupdated 14. Teenage births updated
2. Infant mortality updated 10. Transition to primary school 15. Family social network
3. Low birthweight updated 11. Attendance at primary school  16. Family economic situation updated
4. Breastfeeding  12. Literacy updated 17. Child abuse and neglect updated
5. Immunisation 13. Numeracy updated 18. Social and emotional wellbeing
6. Overweight and obesity   19. Shelter updated
7. Dental health(a)    
8. Injury deaths updated    
  1. Most recent data is 2010.
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