Future developments

The next steps of this project are to improve the coverage of COVID-19 cases, which includes linking case data up to December 2022 for all jurisdictions. 

The COVID-19 Register has been built to ensure interoperability with existing national data assets, such as the AIHW’s National Integrated Health Services Information (NIHSI) and the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ Person Level Integrated Data Asset (PLIDA). During 2024, the COVID-19 case data from the COVID-19 Register will be integrated with the NIHSI, which is being re-branded as the National Health Data Hub (NHDH). The NHDH aims to re-use current data infrastructure to support and streamline broader data integration, bring AIHW data holdings together using a modular approach as needed and as approved per project, and most importantly reduce duplication of effort. This integration will assist with ensuring the on-going use of the COVID-19 case data at the end of the current funding period (December 2024).

The AIHW and Australian Bureau of Statistics are also working on the Australian National Data Integration Infrastructure (ANDII). This is a national linkage and integration infrastructure built to streamline and reduce the time required to build integrated datasets. More information can be found at: National Disability Data Asset, Australian Bureau of Statistics (abs.gov.au).  

Such national platforms can help facilitate the sharing of data between government agencies as well as facilitate the integration of data from various sources and streamline efforts in data linkage.