PDF table of contents

Preliminary material (171K PDF):
List of tables; List of appendix tables; List of figures and boxes; Preface; Acknowledgments; Abbreviations; Symbols

  1. Summary (Sections 1-3: 252K PDF)
  2. Introduction
    • Brief history of the CSTDA NMDS
    • Collection method and data included
    • Scope of the CSTDA NMDS
    • Counts and definitions
    • Outputs from CSTDA NMDS collections
    • Data quality
  3. Service users: characteristics and service use
    • State distribution and service type
    • Age, sex and disability group
    • Indigenous status
    • Country of birth
    • Communication method and need for an interpreter
    • Income and labour force status 1
    • Individualised funding
    • Location of service users
  4. Informal carers, support needs and living arrangements (Sections 4-7: 319K PDF)
    • Presence of an informal carer
    • Carer age and relationship to service user
    • Carer primary status and co-residency
    • Support needs
    • Living arrangements and residential setting
  5. Service outlets
    • Agency sector
    • State distribution and service type
    • Period of operation
  6. Service usage
    • Starting and exiting services
    • Measures of service quantity
    • Multiple service usage
  7. Data quality
    • Service type outlet response rates
    • Service user response rate
    • 'Not stated' and 'not known' rates

End matter (346K PDF)