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Preliminary material: List of tables; List of appendix tables; List of figures; List of boxes; Acknowledgments; Abbreviations


1 Introduction

2 Framework and method

3 The use of the unmet need funding

4 Effectiveness of unmet need funding

5 Jurisdiction methods for managing 'need'

6 Population estimates of need

7 Shortfalls-remaining unmet needs

8 Approaches to costing remaining unmet need

End matter: References


  • Appendix tables
  • Appendix 1: Summary of AIHW 1997 demand study
  • Appendix 2a: Questionnaire to inform the CSDA 'Needs Study' (States and Territories)
  • Appendix 2b: Questionnaire to inform the CSDA 'Needs Study' (Commonwealth)
  • Appendix 2c: Jurisdiction staff
  • Appendix 3: Agenda and program for discussions on the need for CSDA disability services