Agencies which conform to the Disability Service Standards would be required to provide additional evidence to satisfy HACC requirements in the following key areas:

  • assessment and review assessment of consumers, although it should be noted that this apparent ‘gap’ may be a result of terminology rather than practice,
  • provision of information to consumers in regard to the basis of service provision,
  • information gathered to enable effective and appropriate service planning and development,
  • responsiveness to ‘upheld’ complaints, and
  • assistance provided to consumers should there be a conflict between a consumer and his or her primary carer.

It should be noted that:

  • Differences between the two systems would essentially preclude the existence of a meaningful comparative score.
  • Potentially, an add-on system could be developed, which would allow an appraisal of the “missing” elements of the HACC standards.
  • If this approach were adopted and developed, the duplication of quality appraisal processes would be reduced, with the trade-off being loss of comparability between these “combined” appraisals and the straight HACC appraisals.