This is the seventh annual Eye health measures for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people report. The measures in these annual reports were developed to provide an evidence base to monitor changes in eye health among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (First Nations) people over time and their use of eye health services.

This report includes the latest available data for each measure where possible. The 2016, 2017 and 2018 editions of the report presented data for 23 measures, however, collection of data for 1 measure ceased. Of the 22 measures with ongoing data collections, 11 have sub-measures. In total, this 2023 edition of the report contains 37 measures and sub-measures, 28 of which have been updated. Of the 28 measures that have been updated, Table 1 presents trend data for 25 key eye health measures. Of these:

  • 11 measures or sub-measures appear to be improving
  • 4 measures or sub-measures appear to be worsening
  • 7 measures or sub-measures have updated data but show no change or no clear trend over time
  • 3 measures have updated data but it is not possible to determine if changes represent an improvement or not. For example, an increase in hospitalisations for eye diseases could be interpreted as an increase in disease rates or an increase in treatment rates.