02 May 2022 - A correction was made to supplementary data Table 1.1: Number, rate and per cent of congenital anomalies, 2016.


This web report was prepared by the Maternal and Perinatal Health Unit at the AIHW and was made possible by the contribution of many stakeholders. The AIHW would especially like to thank members of NCAAG, NPDDC, the National Maternity Data Development Project Advisory Group (NMDDPAG) and clinical consultants Michael Humphrey AM, and Jeremy Oats AM, for their expertise, guidance, and support in re-establishing the NCADC and in developing the first web report released in 2022.

The AIHW gratefully acknowledges the continued time, effort and expertise of all clinical staff in collecting and providing data for both the NCADC and the NPDC and thanks state and territory data providers for their ongoing contribution of congenital anomalies data to the NCADC. Visit Maternal and Perinatal Health Committees to see current members of NCAAG, NPDDC and NMDDPAG.