Technical notes

This snapshot analyses results from the annual APNA Survey, from 2015–2019. These results included the responses from current and past APNA members. In addition, APNA invited about 60 stakeholder organisations to participate in the Survey, and responses from individuals within these organisations were included.

AIHW analysis of the Survey excluded the following respondents:

  • respondents who answered no to “are you a nurse and/or midwife currently employed in primary health care?”
  • respondents who did not answer the first 10 mandatory questions in the ‘about you’ section 
  • respondents who reported acute hospital as their primary place of employment and no other secondary place of employment.

While the results of this Survey from a non-representative sample provide a snapshot of APNA primary health care nurses in Australia, there are insufficient data to provide reliable and robust estimates of what is occurring regionally and nationally. The results of this survey should not be interpreted as representative of all primary health care nurses in Australia.