This report estimates that in 2018-19, up to $1.2 billion in health spending could have been avoided through improved injury prevention and management in sport and other forms of physical activity (11% of total injury costs). This includes estimating the contribution of specific forms of physical activity and sports to this spending. Information is presented on the web pages using interactive visualisations, and downloadable Microsoft Excel workbooks. Estimates of avoided health spending due to better health status from participation in physical activity will be released in a future publication.

  • Cat. no: INJCAT 230
Findings from this report:
  • $1.2 billion was spent treating potentially avoidable injuries caused by physical activity in 2018-19

  • Male spending on physical activity injuries was $686 million, while female spending was $414 million

  • Around $44 per person in Australia was spent treating physical activity related injuries in 2018-19

  • Hospital admission costs were highest for cycling ($52 million) and wheeled motor sports ($40 million)