Index of supplementary data tables

The following tables provide a guide to the range and location of information available in the supplementary data tables.

Index of supplementary tables(a)
Characteristic Population
All young people under supervision
Community-based supervision
Age, sex, Indigenous status S1a–S7b S36a–S42b S72a–S78b
Trends S8a–S18 S43a–S55 S79a–S91
First supervision S19–S20b S56–S57 S92–S95
Remoteness S21a–S22d S58a–S59d S96a–S97d
Socioeconomic status of usual residence S23a–S24d S60a–S61d S98a–S99d
Number of orders/supervision periods S25–S28 S62a–S63
Time under supervision/supervision history S29–S35c S64a–S71 S100–S102
Receptions/releases S103a–S106b
Legal status S107a–S109
Detention type S110a–S123
Index of jurisdiction specific supplementary tables
State/territory Age group
Supervision type
Age group
All ages
Age group
New South Wales Community-based S124b S125b
  Detention S124c S125c
  All S124a S125a
Victoria Community-based S126b S127b
  Detention S126c S127c
  All S126a S127a
Queensland Community-based S128b S129b
  Detention S128c S129c
  All S128a S129a
South Australia Community-based S130b S131b
  Detention S130c S131c
  All S130a S131a
Tasmania Community-based S132b S133b
  Detention S132c S133c
  All S132a S133a
Australian Capital Territory Community-based S134b S135b
  Detention S134c S135c
  All S134a S135a