Respiratory conditions affect the airways, including the lungs as well as the passages that transfer air from the mouth and nose into the lungs. They can be long lasting (chronic) or short term (acute) and can cause ill health, disability and death.

More reports and statistics on respiratory conditions can be found under Chronic disease.

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In 2017–18, boys aged 0–14 were 1.6 times more likely to be admitted to hospital for asthma than girls

389 deaths were due to asthma in 2018

Around 1 in 4 aged 15 and over with asthma had a written asthma action plan, based on 2017–18 self-reported survey data

The prevalence of COPD was higher in the lowest socioeconomic area compared with that in the highest socioeconomic area

About 1 in 20 Australians aged 45 years and over had COPD in 2017–18, according to self-reported survey data

In 2017–18, admissions to hospital for COPD were highest in winter and early spring