Monitoring the performance of our health system helps to ensure that services delivered in Australia are effective, efficient, appropriate and are achieving good outcomes for patients and the wider community. Reporting of safety and quality aspects also ensure that health care is being delivered in line with current professional knowledge and standards. Together, this kind of information can help policy makers and consumers make informed choices about available services. 

More reports and statistics on health care quality & performance can be found under AHPF Health indicators, MyHospitals and International comparisons

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MBS bulk billing incentives increased from $149m in March 2020 quarter to an average of $394m over the next two quarters

Comparing the March quarter in 2021 to 2020, the largest decline rates were in respiratory medicines and antimicrobials

The pandemic had a small impact on PBS script volume, with a 3% drop in the year ending March 2021 compared to 2020

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