First Nations women’s overrepresentation farther from services

The vast majority (96%) of First Nations women live within a one-‍hour drive of a screening service that operates at least every 2 years. However, First Nations women are more likely than non-‍Indigenous women to live relatively far from BreastScreen Australia screening locations:

  • Nationally, there were 82,700 First Nations women aged 50–74 in 2021, accounting for 2.3% of women in that age group.
  • As the drive time to screening locations increases, the proportion of women who are First Nations people also increases.
  • In areas over 2 hours from the nearest service open at least every 2 years, First Nations women make up the majority of women aged 50–74 (57%).

Figure 5: The proportion of women, aged 50–74, who are First Nations people, by drive time to a BreastScreen Australia screening location, by service frequency

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