Children exposed to their parent or carer’s experience of domestic violence

Children can be exposed to family violence within their home or in the community. Childhood exposure to violence can have a range of physical, emotional and social consequences, which may be long-lasting and may also increase the risk of the child experiencing or using family, domestic, or sexual violence in the future. Data on children exposed to their parent or carer’s experience of partner violence is available from the ABS Personal Safety Survey (PSS). This data is collected through parent or carer reports of a child hearing or seeing the violence.

The visualisation below shows the estimate and proportion of people, aged 18 and over, whose violence by a partner, since age 15, was ever heard or seen­­ by children in their care.  Around 2 in 3 women who had children in their care when they experienced previous partner violence, reported that the children had seen or heard the violence.

Partner violence seen or heard by children in care, by sex of parent/carer, 2016