Place of occurrence

The home was the most common place where head injuries occurred

About 74% (105,200) of head injury hospitalisations had a place of occurrence listed. Of these, nearly half occurred in the home (46%) with 48,500 hospitalisations, followed by the road (15%) and in aged care facilities (13%) (Figure 14). 

Males and females had some differences in place of occurrence, including:

  • a higher proportion of head injuries for males occurred on the road (13%) compared to females (8.3%)
  • females had a higher proportion of head injuries occurring in aged care facilities (13%) than males (6.5%), although this might reflect the fact that there are nearly twice as many females in aged care facilities as males (AIHW 2023d)
  • females had a higher proportion of head injuries occur in the home (41%) than males (29%).

Figure 14: Number and percentage of head injury hospitalisations by place of occurrence and sex, 2020–21

Stacked bar graph showing the top specified place of occurrence for head injury hospitalisations was the home. For males this was followed by the road, and for females, aged care facilities.