Data development

A foundation of data development will support data collectors to safely collect the right types of data. This includes

  • developing a framework to support the collection of data
  • developing a data dictionary and metadata standards to support interoperable collections for inclusion into a national Asset, and
  • supporting organisations willing to collect and share their data to contribute to the Asset.

The framework

Consultation around the design and implementation of the strategy clarified the need for a framework to support data development to provide data suitable for inclusion in a national Asset. The framework will be developed in consultation with relevant stakeholders to guide sports injury data collection and provide guidance for:

  • data governance, consent arrangements, privacy, security, and data sharing
  • use of a data dictionary
  • approaches to IT systems, and considering interoperability with other systems to enable data sharing
  • data sharing arrangements with the AIHW to allow for routine reporting on the Asset and specify any limitations for research.

The framework is proposed to assist sporting and other organisations to standardise collection for maximal utility. A framework can recommend best practices for data governance, consent, privacy, security, interoperability, and data sharing. This framework will provide a uniform reference regarding recommended processes to collect useful data.

The data dictionary

A new data dictionary will be developed by the AIHW, with guidance and support from a data sub-committee that will consist of experts across sports injury, data collections, metadata standards and researchers, to provide an update to the 1998 Australian Sports Injury Data Dictionary. The dictionary will provide guidance on metadata standards to support inclusion into a larger Asset. The data dictionary will support collectors to collect standardised data elements in their datasets to benefit their organisations and contribute to the pool of datasets, that collectively will be the Asset.

Promoting improved data collection

The AIHW will provide feedback and support to sports organisations to develop their data collection and improve the quality, scope, and governance of their existing or developing data collections.

The AIHW will also work through AIHW committees and other government organisations or groups to promote systematic improvements in national data collection. This can include collecting and reporting Emergency Department external cause data. This may include gaining support for, and developing, a National Best Endeavours Data Set (NBEDS) through the:

  • AIHW Strategic Committee for National Health Information (SCNHI) and the
  • National Health Data and Information Standards Committee (NHDISC).

Data linkage

Over time, the demand for linked health and outcome data may require consideration of the collection of identified data suitable for data linkage. Linked data identifying a sports injury is currently limited to data sources such as the National Integrated Health Services Information Analysis Asset (NIHSIAA) which can link repeated hospitalisations and some other administrative datasets. The collection of identified data could allow for integration with new and existing data sets and potentially to outcome data. The framework for data collection would need to be updated to accommodate the collection of identifiable data and the governance oversight be updated to specifically address further consent, collection, storage, security and sharing settings.