Injury surveillance and reporting

The AIHW will analyse different data sources and consult with data providers and data users to appropriately interpret data and specify where data requires further development. Trends in sports injury will be identified and reported as appropriate.

Data from updates to the admitted hospitalisation data and other sources will be published through the AIHW and other channels to ensure that the data is accessible and useful to a breadth of users. Updates could be data tables as well as focused analytical web reports or fact sheets. The demand for this data is expected to grow over time and encourage data providers to further develop their data collections.

Data will be provided for approved research projects. It is expected that investigator-led analyses will increase over time as the quality and quantity of data in the Asset increases.

Expanding the reach of the data

A network of relevant experts and advisors with specific expertise or policy area representation will advise on ways to build engagement and participation with new and potential users of the data. This may require data to be formatted or presented in different ways to increase utility. This network will also advise on ways to distribute the findings from the Asset so that it can be useful to different stakeholder groups.