Data update schedule

These pages will be updated with more recent data as they become available. This list contains the expected schedule of updates to the data for the coming months. Please note: all dates are subject to change and some pages may be updated outside the scheduled releases listed below.

For information on historical updates to the publication see Notes.

Data Source


Planned release

State and territory suicide register reports

Suspected deaths by suicide
Data from suicide registers

July 2022 and ongoing

Australian National University Life in Australia survey


The use of mental health services, psychological distress, loneliness, suicide, ambulance attendances and COVID-19
July 2022
Australian National University and the Multi Agency Data Integration Project (MADIP)

Behaviour & risk factors – Longitudinal analysis of income uncertainty & suicide

Additional analysis of income variation and relative risk of suicide using linked data
July 2022
National Ambulance Surveillance System (NASS)

Ambulance attendances

Ambulance attendances: suicidal and self-harm behaviours
July 2022
AIHW National Hospital Morbidity Database Intentional self-harm hospitalisations July 2022
University of Melbourne

Research & information – Featured reports

Evaluation of the National Suicide and Self-harm Monitoring Project and System| Final Report
July 2022
PHN consultations

Research & information - Consultation

Data Requirements for the Analyst Portal
July 2022
ABS Causes of Death 3303.0 Deaths by suicide in Australia September 2022
Linked Defence historical personnel data – PMKeyS-NDI data 1985-2019 Australian Defence Force suicide monitoring September 2022
AIHW National Mortality Database

Deaths by suicide in Australia

Birth cohort analysis of deaths by suicide
To be confirmed
La Trobe University The health & wellbeing of LGBTQA+ people in Australia To be confirmed