This report was authored by the Cardiovascular, Diabetes and Kidney Unit at the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare: Michael de Looper, Kate Hafekost and Tessa Morgan, with assistance from Belinda Baker, Harriet Boyd Taylor, Elena Cutmore, Heidi Dietz, Amy Ferriday, Miriam Lum On, Chloe Martin, Pearl Ng and Lany Trinh.

Fadwa Al-Yaman, Emily Burke, Tracy Dixon, Lynelle Moon, Richard Juckes and Jason Thompson from the AIHW provided guidance and advice.

Valuable input was received from AIHW’s Cardiovascular Disease Expert Advisory Group, whose members are: Derek Chew (Chair), Luke Birchill, Tom Briffa, Annette Dobson, Mark Nelson, Rohan Poulter, Wayne Raven, Amanda Thrift and Andrew Wilson.

The authors thank Julie Houston, Julie-Anne Mitchell and Bill Stavreski, from the Heart Foundation for their expert review and assistance in providing patient experience stories of heart, stroke and vascular disease.

The Australian Government Department of Health funded this report.