National health strategies

The National Preventive Health Strategy 2021–2030 and the National Obesity Strategy 2022–2032

The National Preventive Health Strategy 2021–2030 provides a long-term approach to improving health outcomes through prevention in Australia (the Department 2021). The strategy outlines key health targets for Australia to achieve by 2030 to improve health outcomes. The National Obesity Strategy 2022–2032 similarly presents targets for obesity to provide a comprehensive guide for implementing preventive measures for the risk factor (Commonwealth 2022).

Four targets across these strategies aim to change the prevalence of obesity and physical inactivity by 2030:

  1. Halt the rise and reverse the trend in the prevalence of obesity in adults.
  2. Reduce overweight and obesity in children and adolescents aged 2–17 by at least 5%.
  3. Reduce the prevalence of physical inactivity among children, adolescents and adults by at least 15%.
  4. Reduce the prevalence of Australians (aged 15 and over) undertaking no physical activity by at least 15%.

While these targets do not directly align with the scenarios of this project, the analysis provides an assessment of the potential benefits to be gained by 2030 from reducing exposure to these risk factors.