The Australian National Diabetes Strategy 2016–2020 (the Strategy), aims to prioritise Australia’s response to diabetes and identify approaches to reducing the impact of diabetes in the community (Department of Health 2015). The Strategy outlines seven high-level goals with potential areas for action and measures of progress.

Diabetes in Australia: focus on the future is the implementation plan (the Plan) developed for the Strategy to operationalise each of the Strategy’s goals (AHMAC 2017). The Plan was agreed by all governments as activities that, at that time, could be developed, expanded, or modified to produce targeted, tangible improvements in the prevention, early detection, management and care of all forms of diabetes. The Plan identified 55 indicators, mapped to potential measures of progress, for each goal of the Strategy.

A number of these indicators are currently reported in existing national frameworks (such as the Report on Government Services, the Australian Health Performance Framework, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Performance Framework, and Indigenous Primary Health Care National Key Performance Indicators). This report provides updated and trend data (where available) for the 55 indicators identified in the Plan.

Indicator dashboard

Click on the indicators to explore trends, population breakdowns and data specifications.


  • Indicators are grouped by goal and relevant potential measure of progress, as outlined in the Strategy.
  • Statistical change is provided for indicators with a minimum of three data points, across varying time periods. Interpretation of results should be done with consideration of the data limitations.

Change key: ✔ (favourable);  (unfavourable); = (steady); — (not statistically significant); . . (no update/unable to assess trend)


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