Information Publication Scheme

Agency plan

Introduction and purpose

This plan has been prepared to meet the requirements of 2010 amendments to the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act).


To disclose the arrangements that AIHW has in place to facilitate the release of public sector information under the Information Publication Scheme (IPS) requirements of the FOI Act.

Establishing and administering the agency’s IPS entry

The Governance Unit within the Business and Governance Group is responsible for the creation of the AIHW agency plan and the implementation of the IPS. The Head of the Business and Governance Group is responsible for overseeing the implementation of the AIHW's IPS requirements. The Governance Unit will monitor information flows within the AIHW to ensure that the IPS remains current.

Information required to be published under the IPS

Organisation chart

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Our functions

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Appointments made outside the Public Service Act 1999

Members of the Institute's Board and Ethics Committee are appointed under the AIHW Act.

The composition of AIHW's Board

The composition of AIHW's Ethics Committee

Annual reports

AIHW's annual reports are in Corporate publications.

Arrangements for members of the public to comment on policy

The AIHW is not a policy agency and is not involved in creating government policy.  Therefore there are no arrangements in place for members of the public to comment on specific policy proposals.

Documents routinely provided to Parliament and to the public

The AIHW routinely provides our annual report, and copies of our bi-annual flagship publications, Australia's Health and Australia's Welfare to federal Parliament. Find these documents in AIHW Reports & statistics. The AIHW does not routinely grant access to any documents under the FOI Act.

The AIHW provides information in response to Senate Orders. More information about our mandatory reporting can be found on About us.

Operational information

Operational information is information held by an agency to assist the agency in performing or exercising its functions or powers in making decisions or recommendations that affect members of the public.

AIHW's Ethics Committee has certain decision making powers in relation to allowing or disallowing the release of identifiable data for research purposes.

Other information

In addition to the compulsory publication requirements of the IPS, the AIHW also publishes a wide range of its information, without cost, on its website in the form of publications, data cubes, meta-data and audio/visual material. A majority of the remaining unpublished information, which mostly consists of identifiable data sets and obsolete and draft publications, is not published due to either privacy concerns or the fact that an updated version of the relevant publication is publicly accessible on the AIHW website.


We will review the operation of the IPS and this plan annually. Information released under the IPS will be regularly monitored for currency and accuracy, with out of date information to be archived on a regular basis.


If you have any questions or queries regarding IPS or FOI, you can email us at [email protected] or by addressing your correspondence to:

FOI Officer
Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
GPO Box 570
Canberra ACT 2601